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Window Hardware

Window hardware

Custom Work

We can make window hardware to your exact specifications

Window Hardware for Distributors & Manufacturers in the USA & Canada

Thanks to our ability to create parts and pieces to precise specifications, the team at Indutec Alchemist has taken a special interest in creating window hardware for manufacturing and distribution companies across North America. Clients in Canada and the USA come to us for levers, handles, hinges, cranks and much more.

Our window hardware products include:

  • Single point locking handles (3 styles)
  • Multi-point lock handles
  • Multi-point tie bar locks
  • Tie bar guides
  • Multi-point lock keepers
  • Single point lock keepers
  • Casement operators
  • Casement tracks
  • Crank handles
  • Folding handles
  • Snubbers
  • Sliding door keepers
  • Locking handle spacers for fiberglass and aluminum casements
  • Custom parts

Our Own Line of Window Parts

At Indutec Alchemist, we offer our very own line of finished parts that are available for your convenience. On the other hand, if your company requires custom made pieces, we’re happy to design them to your specifications. Contact us for more information.

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