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Tool & Die Mold Making

Tool machining

Custom Work

Hire us for tool and die mold making and we'll make it to your exact specifications

Tool & Die Mold Making – Custom CNC Machining in Canada & the USA

When your company needs a custom-made mold, come to Indutec Alchemist. Based in Winnipeg, we ship to clients all throughout Canada and the USA. We can create molds to your particular specifications; we use P20 steel for your plastic dies and H13 steel for your zinc or aluminum dies, ensuring that every mold is perfect for the material you will be using it for.

We Use the SOLIDWORKS Drafting Program

When our clients need a custom mold, we can turn your design into reality. We use the 3D drafting program SOLIDWORKS for much of our tool and die work.

CNC Machining for Contract Work

We have CNC milling machines and we take on outside contract work. Custom jobs are welcome, so contact Indutec Alchemist today to request a quote. We emphasize quality, precision and prompt delivery times.

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