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Powder Coating Ovens

Powder Coating

We'll beautify your products with powder coating and metal plating

Buy One of Our Vertical Powder Coating Ovens

When we do powder coating, we finish the process by baking the products in one our very own vertical powder coating ovens. At Indutec Alchemist, we manufacture our own industrial ovens in-house at our Winnipeg shop, so we can always be sure that our equipment is of impeccable quality.

CSA-Approved Industrial Ovens in 2 Sizes

If you need an oven for your own powder coating shop, come to us for sales. Our ovens are CSA-approved and have a year-long warranty, so you can trust that they were built to last. They are available in two different sizes, 3x6 ft. or 4x10 ft., and they go up to 500 degrees.

Details and Advantages of Our Ovens

In our experience, an average of 1,800 parts can be baked per hour in our evens (based on 6 racks per load). This number can double in the taller ovens. The oven uses 20 kw of electrical power per hour or less, depending on load weight. A 25 kg box of powder will cover between 12,000 and 19,000 window hardware parts. Some advantages of our ovens include:

  • Use less floor space than a batch oven
  • Approximately 40% less energy consumption than a batch oven with doors
  • Internal convection achieved with additional fan
  • Elevator capacity of 500 lbs
  • Special insulation with minimal heat loss
  • Controlled exhaust with variable pressure control

To inquire about one of our industrial powder coating ovens, contact Indutec Alchemist today. We offer prompt shipping on products throughout the USA and Canada.

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