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Die Casting

Die casting

Custom Work

Hire us for tailor-made zinc or aluminum die casting

Custom Die Casting in the USA and Canada by Indutec Alchemist

Die casting oven

Die casting is the process of forcing molten metal into a mold, and this allows us to create parts and pieces for a range of industries. At Indutec Alchemist, we can take on large or small jobs; our smallest machine is 10 tonnes while our biggest is 350 tonnes. Our Winnipeg shop serves all of the US and Canada, and we can ship big or small orders promptly in order to meet manufacturing deadlines.

Aluminum and Zinc Casting

We work with aluminum and zinc, and we can create a range of products like hinges, window openings and latches. Die casting is useful for a number of industries, including agriculture and transportation. We’re the only aluminum and zinc die casting shop in the Prairies and we always strive to provide top-quality work.

Custom Jobs for Your Company

If you need a part, we can create it for you! We love taking on custom die casting jobs, so get in touch with Indutec Alchemist to find out how we can make the perfect piece for your company. If you need more of your current tooling, we can make it with our equipment. Provide us with pictures and dimensions and we can provide you with a quote.

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